Our business model

Nowea Energy Inc.

Our business model is based on organic growth and the participation in high-growth companies.

Nowea Energy Inc.

Business Model & Strategy

Our mission is to connect ambitious companies with capital to achieve above average growth for all.

Growth Strategy

We believe that a combination of organic and acquisitive growth in the SME energy sector is the best way to build operationally and financially strong international companies in a cyclical industry.

Proven strategies

Nowea Energy Inc. believes in using proven strategies where experience and insight into the energy business can unlock the full potential and lead to significant growth.

Organic growth

Partnership with management teams

We invest in partnerships with experienced management teams that have a long track record of value creation and are looking to grow their business together with partners.

While assessing the fundamentals of the business is part of any investment selection, we focus primarily on the people and personalities behind our investments, and we know that true value lies in a management team with spirit, confidence in what it does, and commitment to its business.
We invest in companies and ideas to create long-term value, and our goal in every investment is to provide existing management teams with the financial capital, business expertise, energy and courage to build a sustainable business that delivers long-term value.
Unlike many traditional PE firms, we can support companies from start-ups to established, mid-sized and larger companies looking to grow their business and market share, we are not bound by strict investment criteria and look at each investment on its own merits.
We have a history of investing and operating in some of the world's most challenging regions. We also have entrepreneurial spirit in our founding DNA, so we are comfortable evaluating and investing in unconventional business ventures and see opportunities where others might shy away.
Wherever possible, we aim to create broader value through our investments, investing in many companies in emerging markets and taking pride in creating economic value for both companies and the communities in which they operate.

Our activity

We work with ambitious entrepreneurs and investors to achieve maximum potential for all, and entrepreneurs and investors create value through innovation and business development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by facilitating access to know-how, networks and capital, and to connect ambitious companies with capital to achieve above average growth for all.

Our vision

We believe in a wise and sustainable future, made up of people dedicated to success and personal growth, and the vision of Nowea is to become the platform that gives entrepreneurs worldwide easier access to capital.

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About us

Nowea Energy is a specialized private equity firm focused on the energy sector.
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Our services

With a strong focus on emerging, innovative companies, we offer a wide range of services.

Our portfolio

Nowea Energy Inc. provides capital and expertise to growth companies in the energy sector.