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Oil and Gas Projects The Nowea Energy Inc.

In order to meet the world's growing energy needs and at the same time prepare for the future.

Nowea Energy Inc.

Energy to meet growing global demand

Nowea Energy Inc. is working on several large projects in the USA and provides some of the leading oil and gas jobs in the region.

the core business of Nowea Energy Inc. is the securing and subsequent successful implementation of oil and gas projects/production rights in the U.S. the first priority is the development of unspoiled properties. the protection of nature is a high priority in our projects. for this reason we try to avoid stabilizing production through chemical fracking or other environmentally damaging measures.

Nowea Energy Inc. currently owns producing wells and an extensive product development pipeline. Due to the financial participation of existing investors, we have succeeded in securing rights to very promising areas. With the completion of the evaluation of the data from the seismic ground surveys currently underway, we are confident that we will be able to successfully implement our drilling plan in our target areas. Representatives of Nowea Energy Inc. maintain regular personal contact with our geologists and experts on site, allowing us to benefit from the experience gained from over 500 drillings in recent years.

The drilling team has matured personal contacts to landowners and corresponding local knowledge of the soil formations. This insider knowledge enables us to make information about interesting production sites available to us at short notice. The team of Nowea Energy Inc. stands for a transparent and fair partnership also in the future.

Reactivation of oil & gas projects

State of Kentucky

Exploration and drilling of potential oil wells in US states such as Texas and Oklahoma may not be a practical and meaningful objective due to today's low oil prices and the great depths of drilling in those states, whereas various areas in the state of Kentucky in particular offer very favorable conditions for such projects even at lower oil prices.

Nowea Energy Inc.

Reactivation plan

Planned wells in the period from 2020 to 2024


Nowea Energy Inc.

Current projects

Oil & Gas projects in the USA.
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Six Wells, Kentucky

In Warren County, Kentucky, the so-called "Whittaker Lease" is located in the middle of oil producing fields with an area of approximately 6,000 acres.
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Alabama Project

The Alabama Project consists of eight potential exploration wells within an area of producing oil wells.

Lithium Mine Project

Lithium has become a very important raw material in the age of electromobility and has accordingly experienced a significant increase in price.
Refinery At Night

Helium Project

The description of this project is under construction and soon you will get more information about the Helium Project.

A tablet with smart home screen.

Smart Home Energy Project

The description of this project is under construction and you will soon receive more information about the Smart Home Energy project.