Six Wells, Kentucky

Reactivation of oil & gas projects
oil pump on sunset
the "SIX WELLS" project is located near the town of Bowling Green in the US state of Kentucky. the land and production rights already acquired include six oil wells, i.e. oil pumps with associated oil tanks. the aim is to process these oil pumps and the wells and to start oil production. in addition, in a second step, four new wells are to be drilled in order to exploit the oil expected on the project area according to the geological data.
The target area
The "SIX WELLS" target area is located within oil-producing areas, and detailed data is available for this target area, such as fault line information, downhole logs, gas pressure readings, and in some cases detailed information directly from downhole measurements during drilling of the adjacent areas.
Geological expertise from third parties
In order to further secure the drilling projects, our project partner in the U.S. has commissioned an independent third party to prepare a geological survey of the leased area. We emphasize that these surveys were not prepared by the state or by any person or organization with a connection or dependency to our project partner in the U.S. In these surveys, the geologists and experts involved confirm the above-average probability of finding oil in the selected leased area.
Further important information
Another positive effect of our "oil project" in Kentucky is that due to the special geological conditions (oil "trapped" in faults), it is possible to drill several wells on a leased area without the individual wells "competing" for oil. This is because each well produces from a "separate" oil reservoir. The individual reservoirs are each separate underground faults and are geologically separated from each other. This also means that in other states oil wells dry up after only 5 or 10 years of production, while in Kentucky an oil well can be operated economically for 10 to 25 years. In Kentucky there are even some oil wells that were drilled in the late 1960s and which are still producing oil today.

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