Lithium Mine Project

Fuel of e-mobility

Lithium has become a very important raw material in the age of electromobility. Accordingly, the coveted metal has experienced a significant price increase in the last decade, which in turn has an impact on demand. With our investment project in a lithium mine, we are setting the course for the coming future of e-mobility.

lithium is an alkali metal, which is considered the lightest solid element on our planet. in addition, it has the highest specific heat capacity among the alkali metals. the metal can also float on water and is highly reactive. these special material properties ensure that the metal is used primarily in batteries and rechargeable batteries. no modern smartphone would have sufficient energy without lithium ion batteries. the metal is even more important for electromobility. every electric car depends on the metal's important storage capacity and conductivity. around 50 percent of lithium production ends up in batteries.

The metal is extracted in mines or from brine. The most important countries in the world production are Australia, Serbia, Bosnia, Chile and Argentina, but lithium deposits can also be found in Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the USA and China.

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