We develop innovative, efficient and sustainable Exploration- and Production solutionsthat will affect our future Energy Challenges react.

Nowea Energy Inc.

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About us

Nowea Energy Inc. is an American energy company with a focus on oil and gas projects/production rights.
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Our business model

Nowea Energy Inc. business model is based on organic growth and the acquisition of companies.
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Our services

Our services and support focus on the acquisition and reactivation of oil and gas fields.

Nowea Energy Inc.

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Take a look at some of our major projects to see how human ingenuity is crossing technical boundaries to deliver energy safely and efficiently to meet growing global demand.

Nowea Energy Inc.

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Learn more about Nowea Energy Inc.

2020 / A year of positive change and sustainable growth / NW OIL becomes NOWEA ENERGY Inc.

As part of the realignment and portfolio expansion into other business segments such as industrial raw materials, Nowea Energy Inc. is becoming an international energy supplier and raw materials specialist. In line with this development, the company management and the main shareholders have already applied to the SEC for a name change in advance of the going public this year.

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Nowea Energy Inc.

Investor Relations

For our shareholders and investors, we are committed to our values today and in the future: reliability, responsibility, transparency and innovative strength. We at Nowea Energy know that only with know-how, systems and many years of experience can the opportunities of tomorrow be identified, evaluated and exploited today.

Location USA

Investment country no. 1

For oil and gas projects.
With more than 300 million people and the largest economy in the world, the United States is the most important market for a global company and as a business location, the U.S. offers an excellent infrastructure and access to the most lucrative consumer market in the world.


History of oil

Petroleum, or rather petroleum products, today form a basis of technical civilization, without which many products could not be realized and our standard of living would be greatly reduced.